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The If You Care brand was started in 1980 and our first product was coffee filters. Made from FSC certified wood fibres that were unbleached (chlorine free) and certified compostable, and also contained no plastic fibres. An unassuming product, that addressed the core beliefs of the team that have developed the range over the years, but extremely difficult to source at the time. It still is difficult for us to bring new products to the market that meet our expectations.

We understand that we are all inextricably linked through the products we use as a society, where they come from, the materials that are chosen, how they are produced, how they are used and how they are disposed of. Each decision in this chain of events and choices has a measurable effect on the quality of life in our society and the environment. We understand that having a healthy home, a healthy planet and a healthy you can only exist as one whole.

The decisions we make as a brand owner and you make as a customer matter and everyday choices can and do bring about change. We recognise that each of us are effective agents of change and we invite people to make positive, collective, measurable change by understanding and caring about the choices we all make.

We bring this approach to all the products in our range, to help you address the same issues we all face, so collectively we can make a difference. We also ensure we share all the information we have regarding our products and the choices we have made so you can make an informed choice as well, without the marketing glitter, as we tackle the responsibilities we have to our society, the environment and the world we all share.